The Scenario

The last two years have seen companies try and leverage the power of Information and communication technology to build a competitive advantage. We have been ringside observers to how companies have failed in finding solutions that provide both an effective web-presence and serve the information needs of all their stakeholders. Solutions if any have been expensive to develop and have been so complicated that they end up-confusing the end-user. Typically organizations invest heavily in designing and developing web-sites, databases, KM-technologies and online reporting systems. Each of these solutions caters to only one aspect of the information needs of an organization and is not a solution. Similarly when it comes to building communities of practice using the Internet, the lack of participation has proved to be a stumbling block. The need of the hour is a simple solution that allows communities to create a searchable and indexed repository of information and at the same time sustain active information based discussions.

The Need-of-the-hour

In an era where knowledge is the key competitive differentiator, PANTOTO offers an Information based solution that takes away the problems related to developing and maintaining expensive technology. PANTOTO allows the user to structure forms, databases and communication around content. Our technology does not limit how and where you can aggregate, use and disseminate your content. PANTOTO has been developed after observing how companies and organizations have failed to leverage the potential and cost-benefits of the Internet. PANTOTO allows users of any size and across locations to interact with stakeholders and develop a beneficial web presence.

The Scenario
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