Applications of PANTOTO

The applications for software such as PANTOTO are vast. Some of the applications that would interest organizations include:

  • MIS

Create and deploy a mechanism that allows an organization to analyze information and data and manage its management information system needs. PANTOTO will facilitate in decision making and will help managers and executives design interventions. It will cater to both decision makers as well as frontline and field staff. Monitoring and Evaluation can be conducted on a daily basis and will allow for mid-course corrections by the management.

  • Documentation & Dissemination

Create a repository of knowledge and information that is indexed, retrievable and secure. Can be used by and entire organization can also be made available to different stakeholders both at the vertical and horizontal levels. Ideal for NGOs and institutions that are in the business of making information available to different stakeholders. PANTOTO can be used not only store and retrieve the information but to disseminate it and make it accessible.

  • Internal Reporting

    Create and manage reporting systems for easy analysis. Multiple projects and reporting systems for each of these projects can be handled through PANTOTO. An organization can create reports for specific departments and specific personnel. All reports can be collated and analyzed centrally or can be made available to different decision-makers.

  • Survey and Data Collection

Create forms and templates to enable data standardization during surveys. PANTOTO not only e-nables the surveying process but also ensure that can be shared and analyzed by different stakeholders. Field staff who conduct surveys, can use standardized forms and templates across locations. Tacit knowledge that they acquired about respondents during the course of the survey can also be recorded in PANTOTO and can be used for analysis.

  • Marketplace

Create a low-cost virtual market place that brings buyers and sellers together. This marketplace is easy to maintain, update and organize. Such marketplaces are ideal for smaller producers that want to tap a larger market. Communities that would benefit form such initiatives include artisans, weavers, and members of a co-operative or producers who operate in a niche market.

  • Replication

Community models that have been built in PANTOTO can be easily replicated and used in other community building initiatives. Typically, one can copy forms and templates that have been created by one community for use by another with provision for making modifications.


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