Why use PANTOTO?

  • Interaction

PANTOTO uses a community-based approach to information sharing, retrieval and dissemination. Users can actively participate in any community. Based on their needs, users can create communities/sub-communities and invite participation to channel discussion.

  • Responsiveness

Every user has a different information need and contributes differently to a discussion or repository of information. Any technology has to be responsive not only to the need of the user but also as to how he can contribute to the community. PANTOTO enables two-way interaction.

  • Architecture

In any system information has to be stored and retrieved with efficiency and accuracy. Using information architecture PANTOTO allows the user to structure information thereby allowing:
a. Indexing of information
b. Contextualize information
c. Easy navigation to information

  • Content

Explicating tacit knowledge is done through the use of carefully structured forms that can be created by community owners and facilitators. Content thus explicated is easily searchable and can evolve with the discussion.

  • Integration

Typically organizations are hesitant to change existing systems or it is difficult to integrate information systems under one roof. PANTOTO allows organizations to proactively develop an integrated approach to managing their information.

  • Replication

Communities have a cycle of learning. These cycles can be shortened if communities are allowed to share. Under PANTOTO the tools and architecture that one community uses can be replicated by another community.

  • Hardware & Software

With a light footprint, PANTOTO is possibly the most cost-effective solution in terms of creating and maintaining a knowledge resource base. Once installed, it requires little or no technical intervention. It takes minimal resources, is portable, and can run on the most basic of systems.

  • Synchronization

Individuals, groups and communities anywhere can work on a stand-alone version of the software and can synchronize their database and content with other communities even through simple dial-ups. Synchronizing the database of two users sitting anywhere in the world is as easy as synchronizing a mailbox.


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